Relay Implementations

This is a list of all known implementations of the Nostr relay spec. You only need this if you're planning on running a relay yourself. Relays are (so far) application agnostic. You can run your own or use any or all of the public instances.


  • Relayer Basic: A simple reference relay backed by Postgres, written as a demo on top of the Relayer framework for building custom relays


  • Stirfry: A database-less relay implementation in C++.



  • nostr-rs-relay: A minimalistic relay written in Rust that saves data on SQLite
  • søstr: A private nostr relay written in rust, saves all notes from one pubkey and publish them to anyone that requests them

Node.js / Typescript

  • nostream: A nostr relay written in Typescript backed by PostgreSQL (renamed from nostr-ts-relay)
  • Minds Nostr Relay: A relay for Minds, an open-source social network
  • nostr-relay-nestjs: A Nostr relay with a clear architecture and high test coverage (Postgres, MeiliSearch, NestJS)
  • Nosflare: A serverless Nostr relay purpose-built for Cloudflare Workers and the Cloudflare KV store



  • nostrypy: Relay, client, and other tooling in python
  • nostr_relay: A Nostr relay written in python, backed by SQLite


  • NostrPostr Relay: A Kotlin Relay supporting both SQLite and Postgresql
  • knostr: A nostr relay implemented in Kotlin with support for Postgres and metrics(micrometer)