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A step-by-step guide to getting started with the client

NostrChat is a chat app built on Nostr. With NostrChat, you can start a channel with one or more friends, and be confident that your communications will stay online even in the face of a dramatic effort to censor you. screenshot

Step 1 - Go to screenshot

Step 2 — Login

Creating a new account (Easiest)

  1. Click “Create Nostr Account”
  2. Put in your name, and then click skip
  3. Instantly you’ll enter a global chat
  4. Important: Save your private keys somewhere safe — you’ll need these if you want to come back to the app in the future.

Use a NIP-07 Extension to Login (Recommended)

Alby is a Bitcoin browser extension that manages your public/private keys locally. With a wallet extension like Alby, your private key never leaves your computer, but you can grant access to apps using Alby.

  1. Download the Alby web wallet
  2. Once you’re inside Alby, set an unlock password
  3. Inside Alby, go to Accounts and generate or add your Nostr public & private keys. Make sure to save these in your password manager.
  4. Once you have Alby setup, return to and login with “NIP-07”

Step 3 — Create a new chat channel and share with Nostr friends

Once you join you can chat in the global channel or create a new channel for your project or friends. Just share the URL of the channel with your friends. IMPORTANT: These channels are all public. At this time, there isn’t a way to make private group chats.

Active development of is happening on Github