Nostr Resources & Links

This is a collection of other Nostr resources and projects that we've come across.

If you are working on project and would like it included here, send me a note or add an issue or submit a PR to our Github repo.

§ The Nostr repository

The Nostr protocol repository is the canonical home of Nostr. It’s a very sparse repository but houses @fiatjaf’s original reasoning on why Nostr needs to exist.

§ Nostr Relays

§ Search & data

  • is a search engine for Nostr that can help you find new users to follow or find that note you saw a while back.
  • Network stats is also run by This is a high level set of data about the growth of the Nostr network.
  • Zaplife is an aggregation of all(?) Zaps across Nostr in the last several hours. Think of it as the Zap leaderboard. ⚡
  • Swarmstr is a Q&A Nostr client that can help you find answers to your questions. Allows you to look up questions by content from #asknostr tag activity.

§ Long-form content

§ Badges

§ Others

  • Awesome Nostr is a repository of links for Nostr clients, relay implementations, and more.
  • Nostr Resources covers Nostr basics and links to many other resources.